Exploring the applicability of circular design criteria for electric vehicle batteries

Aitor Picatoste, Daniel Justel, Joan Manuel F. Mendoza

32nd CIRP Design Conference (CIRP Design 2022) – Design in a changing world

LIBERTY: Lightweight Battery System for Extended Range at Improved Safety

Egoitz Martinez-Laserna, Jan Philipp Schmidt, Imane Worighi, Yolanda Bravo, Sergio Da Costa Pito, Moussa Nacer-Bey, Sebastian Wacker, Nick De Bie, Zhangqi Wang, Henk Jan Bergveld, Joan Manuel F. Mendoza, Jose Oliveira, Jeremy Guazzagaloppa, David Jäger, Christoph Breitfuß, Werner Leitgeb, Manuela Klocker

TRA Conference – Transport Research Arena 2022

Circularity and life cycle environmental impact assessment of batteries for electric vehicles: Industrial challenges, best practices and research guidelines

Aitor Picatoste, Daniel Justel, Joan Manuel F. Mendoza

Elsevier Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 169